Responsive Sound

Responsive Sound Design is an innovative method with which we generate and manage the audio output of our Smart Sabers.
We have designed and developed this feature thanks to the indispensable creative support of Matteo Milani (U.S.O.) who, working in synergy with Crystal Cave, has forged the “sonorous” character of ADAM, transforming the sword into a real musical instrument. Thanks to the sensors and the computational capacity integrated in our Smart Sabers, the signal is calculated in real time through a complex virtual synthesis system, creating a huge variety of unique sound tones.
Consonance or dissonance? Among the various functions configurable through the Smart Saber Control app, it is also implemented the ability to navigate between different sound themes and choose the one that most closely matches your taste and style.
The interactivity of the sounds that accompany even the smallest movements of your hand, will make you forget from the first moment the experiences lived previously in favor of a more authentic, which you will no longer be able to do without it.