Crystal Cave offers a warranty of 24 months, according to the terms of the law, which the consumer can use in case of failures due to manufacturing defects of electrical, electronic and mechanical components.
However, all components subject to wear and / or misuse such as: LED, speaker, battery and electronic cards are excluded from this warranty.
The user must also take care of the hilt and the electronics supplied, keeping it in a suitable environment when not in use, stored in dry places and away from sources of heat.
The user is free to extract the Core from the hilt. Where the user would autonomously extract it from the hilt, he assumes complete responsibility for any damage caused.
ADAM must always be recharged by and only using the cable supplied, however it is not recommended to leave it in charge for long periods unattended.
Do not use chargers that exceed voltages greater than 5V, with the consequent risk of damage to the electronics and inevitable deterioration of the warranty.
The charging connector is exclusively dedicated for this purpose, other types of use are not allowed as insertion of headphones or other devices.
ADAM is designed for use in predominantly indoor environments, so any contact with water, steam, sand and any liquid or powder material should be avoided. This improper use will void the warranty.


Any request for warranty intervention must be communicated via the form below or by email to help@crystalcave.it enclosing a warranty application form duly completed in its entirety.

The Crystal Cave technical staff will establish the assistance modalities. Through a first analysis the severity of the problem and the potential resolution will be established, if necessary the sending of the elsa or only the Core will be required, in this case the user will be authorized to remove the Core from the hilt for shipping.
Shipping and / or shipping costs are always understood by the user, ENTER and RETURN.
The user must send the corrugated hilt or Core only in accordance with the instructions provided.
If an out-of-warranty repair is required, an estimate will be produced which must be accepted by the user. Repairs will not be carried out until confirmation of the estimate. Payment can be anticipated or cash on delivery.

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