Basic KIT

Smart Saber ADAM

Basic KIT contents

  • Hilt ADAM
  • Crystal Cave Core (contents all electronic)
  • 1 Grip Set (composed from 2 O-ring and 1 central rubber O-ring)
  • Light Pommel (Aluminium)
  • Heavy Pommel (Brass)
  • USB charging cable
  • Blade fixing grains (4)
  • Magnet (armament button-less)

€ 529,00 (included VAT, not included shipping price)

Blade is not included in the package.

For any commercial information send request to or complete form below to order your ADAM!

Special conditions for LudoSport active athletes registering ADAM on SSR:

  • Within the first 30 days from the delivery date, the customer will be able to notify any malfunctions and eventually replace the product, in this case he will have to return it in the original and undamaged packaging, he will only have to bear the shipping costs. Crystal Cave reserves the right to assess the extent of the malfunction
  • Warranty coverage also for the electronic card
  • 2-year warranty also for Ludosport athletes who register for extra-EU SSR

Our Smart Saber ADAM is currently unavailable